• added a line for AE: decisions for summarise_articles()
  • Updated the template for “accept” to reflect new format, check list, and four issues per year.
  • Changes to summarise_articles():
    • include the unassigned articles in the beginning, if any
    • now use tabulate_article() to produce the output
  • Changed the ae_workload() to
    • have a default period of 365 days
    • return all AEs where those without assignments as 0
  • summarise_articles() now first prints out article(s) not assigned to any editor

2022-01-31 - fixes to ae_workload(); now handles "" empty AE field without failing, and will show the AE initials, name, and email address alongside the assignment count. Now works as previously documented, and day_back argument works again (but note the meaning of this is not what users might expect.)

2021-11-01 - fixes to erroring in summarise_articles - make anonymous example for add_reviewer() - email_template also updates status

2021-10-04 - revised add_ae function

2021-09-06 - Added a function and template to acknowledge revisions

2021-08-25 - add_ae function added - fixes to get_submissions
- new function to tabulate_articles which helps to count keywords, reviewer loads, … - updates to vignettes on operations

2021-08-10 - fix to match_keywords

2021-06-21 - new function to list articles that are accepted but not online 2021-06-17 - added git(..) helper function to call git properly. It honors the GIT environment variable. - fixed git actions to work when executed in a subdirectory of “articles” by using get_articles_path() for the target. - add as.characer.id() so simple things like warning("Article ", article$id, " has issues") works. - update_status will update the last entry (with a warning) instead of appending if it is the same status. 2021-06-07 - removed check on RJournal.sty file being in article directory - updated template for minor revision to say “tentatively” accepted - Only build article pdf if it doesn’t exist already

2021-04-19 - added a new function to handle format reject

2021-04-07 - fix file path quoting in git mv commands (spaces in names would break it)

2021-04-05 - fix get_articles_path() to use the repostiroy root if not defined by set_articles_path(). Also check the validity of the path set by set_articles_path() and ignore it (with a warning) if it does not exist.

  • re-factor printing in summarise_articles(). This also fixes the duplication of entries with “revision received” status.

  • added summarise_articles(..., other=TRUE) option which if set will show articles which have a status not covered by any of the other sections (typically entries like accepted, proofed, online) - possibly useful to check for status errors.

  • added experimental actionable_articles() function which lists articles with potential actions such as “needs reviewers”, “review overdue” or “invite overdue”. It requires reviewer entries to use well-defined comments such as [Invited 2020-12-18; Agreed 2020-12-21; Minor 2020-12-29] Currently only looks at articles with status “out for review”, “acknowledged” and “submitted”. The supported review states are:

    • Invited
    • Agreed, Declined, Abandoned
    • Revision (subsequent rounds of reviews after Major)
    • Minor, Major, Reject (final)

2021-03-22 - RJ_EMAIL_TOOL environment variable can be set to change the tool used to handle generated e-mails. It can have one of the following values: - “mailto” or “browser” opens the system browser with mailto: URL, on most systems this will open the e-mail client as defined in the system (default) - “show” uses file.show() function on the generated text file - “edit” uses file.edit() function on the generated text file - “open” calls open system command on the generated text file (on macOS this opens your system text editor) - “clip” copies the text of the e-mail into the system clipboard. Note that on systems other that macOS or Windows this requires you to have either xsel or xclip helper tool installed.

  • Warn about the “browser” option (typically adulterated by RStudio which tends to prevent mailto: URLs from working) only if it is a function.

2021-03-15 - modified the email_template() function to use the same text as valid_status() for major and minor revision

2021-02-22 - Exported get_articles_path()

2021-02-22 - getting report function to work, almost there