About the structure of the files

During development the files for the web site are in the dev branch of the github.com/rjournal/rjournal.github.io repo.

It is a distill web site. Content is in the .Rmd files:

  • index.Rmd contains the content linked to the HOME button
  • submissions.Rmd contains the content linked to the SUBMIT button
  • The articles.Rmd and issues.Rmd files contain R code to automatically generate the list of papers as available in the _articles and _issues folders.

which are rendered using rmarkdown. The page styling can be modified by changing items in theme.css.


This is a static web site, so that each time you make a change to the content you should build the site locally, which will populate the _web folder. This folder contains the completed html and supporting files that deliver the final site.

Within the RStudio IDE, “Build Website” can be used to render the site. It can also be scripted using:


The site can be viewed locally by opening index.html in your web browser.