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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive https://github.com/swotherspoon/QPress QPress
see also QPress GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


Most recent GIT commits

03fe68d5| Simon Wotherspoon | Tue Dec 13 12:07:06 2016 +1100
Replace calls to : with seq? functions

Have replaced some uses of : with more appropriate calls to the seq family of functions. This should not change functionality, by might catch some bugs when functions are called with empty edge lists and the like.
 M       R/Community.R
 M       R/XML.R
 M       R/tk.r

97f8eb54| Simon Wotherspoon | Tue Dec 13 11:53:38 2016 +1100
Added impact.table
 M       R/tk.r
 A       man/impact.table.Rd

24c1a210| Simon Wotherspoon | Thu Dec 8 15:26:54 2016 +1100
Prepare for constrained samplers
 M       man/adjacency.image.Rd
 M       man/adjacency.matrix.Rd
 M       man/adjoint.Rd
 M       man/community.sampler.Rd
 D       man/deparse.grViz.Rd
 A       man/grviz.digraph.Rd
 M       man/model.dia.Rd
 D       man/model.text.Rd
 A       man/parse.edge.Rd
 M       man/press.impact.Rd
 M       man/press.validate.Rd
 A       man/read.digraph.Rd
 M       man/retain.groups.Rd
 M       man/stable.community.Rd
 M       man/system.simulate.Rd

d06f8d61| Simon Wotherspoon | Thu Dec 8 15:03:42 2016 +1100

Match function renaming
 M       vignettes/Snowshoe.Rnw

efc8d725| Simon Wotherspoon | Thu Dec 8 15:02:17 2016 +1100
Tidying existing code

Renaming some function and small re-writes for consistency with the
constrained code
 M       R/Community.R
 M       R/XML.R
 M       R/text.R