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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive https://github.com/swotherspoon/QPress QPress
see also QPress GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


Most recent GIT commits

8ec34589| Ben Raymond | Thu Jun 13 14:05:13 2019 +1000
update README
 M       README.md

31a6d729| Merge: 8a8baaa 70d2a0a
antarcticben | Thu Jun 13 07:27:16 2019 +1000

Merge pull request #3 from raymondben/master

Add docs folder via pkgdown

70d2a0a9| Ben Raymond | Wed Jun 12 07:56:46 2019 +1000
.Rbuildignore docs dir
 M       .Rbuildignore

33363172| Ben Raymond | Wed Jun 12 07:28:05 2019 +1000
run pkgdown
 A       docs/authors.html
 A       docs/docsearch.css
 A       docs/docsearch.js
 A       docs/index.html
 A       docs/link.svg
 A       docs/pkgdown.css
 A       docs/pkgdown.js
 A       docs/pkgdown.yml
 A       docs/reference/QPress-package.html
 A       docs/reference/adjacency.image-1.png
 A       docs/reference/adjacency.image.html
 A       docs/reference/adjacency.matrix.html
 A       docs/reference/adjoint.html
 A       docs/reference/checkbox.html
 A       docs/reference/checkedges.html
 A       docs/reference/community.sampler.html
 A       docs/reference/enforce.limitation.html
 A       docs/reference/grviz.digraph.html
 A       docs/reference/impact.barplot.html
 A       docs/reference/impact.table.html
 A       docs/reference/index.html
 A       docs/reference/interactive.selection.html
 A       docs/reference/model.dia.html
 A       docs/reference/node.labels.html
 A       docs/reference/parse.edge.html
 A       docs/reference/press.impact.html
 A       docs/reference/press.validate.html
 A       docs/reference/radiogrid.html
 A       docs/reference/read.digraph.html
 A       docs/reference/retain.groups.html
 A       docs/reference/signum.html
 A       docs/reference/slider.html
 A       docs/reference/stable.community.html
 A       docs/reference/system.simulate.html
 A       docs/reference/weight.density.html

faa934e8| Ben Raymond | Wed Jun 12 07:24:20 2019 +1000
minor fixes to pass check
 A       .Rbuildignore
 M       .gitignore
 M       vignettes/Mesocosm.Rnw
 M       vignettes/Snowshoe.Rnw