Qualitative Network Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘QPress’ version 0.21

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QPress-package Qualitative Network Analysis
adjacency.image Adjacency Matrix Image
adjacency.matrix Adjacency Matrix
adjoint Fedeew-Leverrier
charpoly Fedeew-Leverrier
checkbox Checkbox widgets
checkcolumn Checkbox widgets
checkedges Edge Selection Widget
community.sampler Sampling Community Matrices
deparse.digraph Text Representations of Models
edge.labels Node and Edge Labels
enforce.limitation Self Limitation
grviz.digraph Export to DOT
impact.barplot Impact Barplot
impact.barplot0 Impact Barplot
impact.table Impact Table
interactive.selection Interactive Selection Widget
model.dia Dia Representations
node.labels Node and Edge Labels
parse.digraph Text Representations of Models
parse.edge Indices of (Directed) Edges
press.impact Response to Press Perturbation
press.validate Validation Criterion
radiogrid Grid of Radio Buttons
read.digraph Text Representations of Models
retain.groups Edge Subsets
retain.nodes Edge Subsets
signum Sign classification
slider Slider Widgets
stable.community System Stability
system.simulate Simulate System
weight.density Weight Density Plots
weight.density0 Weight Density Plots
write.dia Dia Representations
write.digraph Text Representations of Models