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RForge strives to provide a colaborative environment for R package developers. The ultimate goal is to offer SourceForge-like services (such as SVN repository, place for documentation, downloads, mailing lists, bugzilla, wiki etc.) without the annoying look and feel but with additional features specific to R package development, such as make check on-commit, nighlty builds of packages, testing on various plarforms and full CRAN-like reposity access. The focus is on R-specific features that are not offered by SourceForge or GForge. It is complementary to sites like GitHub with which it can integrate as R package back-end.

Current projects
2013/02/20 - We are now supporting GIT back-ends either on RForge.net itself or other repositories. Use the new modify project page when logged in to set the GIT repository. We also provide a WebHook which can be used on GitHub or compatible for check-on-commit (see docs). In addition, we also provide a GitLab instance if you want a private git repository.

Currently the RForge contains over a dozen R packages (and other projects) with public and developer SVN access. Snapshot source packages are created upon commit and become available from the repository right away. Also make check is run automatically and documentation is generated. See RForge Documentation page for details.

To install the latest snapshot of any of the above packages, use

and replace "package" by the package name, such as "rJava". Binaries are provided for some platforms and some packages, so you can try to drop type='source' if you are using Windows or OS X.

If you already have an RForge account, use your user name and password in the top bar to log in. Once logged in, you can create and administer projects. If you don't have an RForge account and want to place your project on RForge, fill out the request form.

Note: This site is not related (except in spirit) to the R-Forge project at the WU Wien which can be found at http://r-forge.wu-wien.ac.at/ and is the 'official' site supported by the R foundation.

Administration: Simon.Urbanek at R-Project.org