DATRAS - The DATRAS library contains functions for reading and manipulating trawl survey data from the DATRAS database (datras.ices.dk) - check results


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Version: 1.01
Result: ERROR
Check time: 2018-11-08 06:19

Distribution log

--- running mkdist for DATRAS
R CMD build --resave-data=no DATRAS
* checking for file 'DATRAS/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
* preparing 'DATRAS':
* checking DESCRIPTION meta-information ... OK
* checking for LF line-endings in source and make files and shell scripts
* checking for empty or unneeded directories
* building 'DATRAS_1.01.tar.gz'

Distribution log

SVN checkout/GIT clone log

Build log for Windows 7 (R 3.0.x)

(DATRAS 1.0)
* installing to library 'z:/rforge/Rlib/win7-3.0'
* installing *source* package 'DATRAS' ...
** R
** demo
** inst
** preparing package for lazy loading
** help
*** installing help indices
** building package indices
** testing if installed package can be loaded
*** arch - i386
*** arch - x64
* MD5 sums
packaged installation of 'DATRAS' as DATRAS_1.0.zip