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GIT repository access

The GIT repository for this project can be cloned using
git clone --recursive https://github.com/att/rcloud.flexdashboard rcloud.flexdashboard
see also rcloud.flexdashboard GitHub repository.

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


Binaries (if avalable) can be installed using


Most recent GIT commits

d1d5bbc6| Gordon Woodhull | Fri May 19 18:09:28 2017 -0400
need to manually check if notebook published

when running anonymously
since we aren't switching functions at the ocap layer

for #12
 M       R/render.R

7deb880b| Gordon Woodhull | Fri May 19 17:40:38 2017 -0400
allow running dashboards anonymously

fixes #12
 M       NEWS.md
 M       inst/www/js/rcloud-flexdashboard.js

d482230d| Gordon Woodhull | Fri May 19 00:01:53 2017 -0400
 M       NEWS.md

69b1143f| Mateusz Rogalski | Fri May 12 10:27:32 2017 +0000
Bring back deletion of temp file and remove debug output
 M       R/render.R

f7904867| Mateusz Rogalski | Fri May 12 10:22:55 2017 +0000
Remove commented out lines
 M       R/render.R