Package org.rosuda.util

Class Summary
Global Global is a "static" class for general global-scope flags, such as DEBUG
ImageSelection Represents an image stored on the clipboard - also provides some useful static functions for putting iamges on the clipbpard.
JSpacingPanel tiny class implementing a spacer - this class exists basically for compatibility with awt SpacingPanel
MsgDialog Implements a simple modal message dialog with an OK button.
Node Implements the tree structure consisting of cascaded (unmarked) nodes.
PDFconstructor This class provides means of constructing one-pass, basic, uncompressed PDF files.
Platform Generic platform class.
PlatformMac This is an implementation of the Platform class specific to Apple Macintosh systems.
PlatformWin Platform-dependent class specific for MS Windows operating systems.
PngEncoder PngEncoder takes a Java Image object and creates a byte string which can be saved as a PNG file.
ProgressDlg Implementation of a simple progress dialog
RecentList RecentList manages a list of unique String entries.
SpacingPanel tiny class implementing a spacer
Stopwatch very simple profile class to measure time differences and do some basic profiling
Tools tools to be used by all other classes