Class PDFconstructor

  extended by org.rosuda.util.PDFconstructor

public class PDFconstructor
extends java.lang.Object

This class provides means of constructing one-pass, basic, uncompressed PDF files. It is the lowest level (objects-level) of PDF construction. Reference index and trailer is created automatically. Output is written to a supplied PrintStream.

Sample usage:

PDFconstructor p=new PDFconstructor(System.out,1);
p.addObject("<< /Type /Catalog\n/Outlines 2 0 R\n/Pages 3 0 R\n>>"); // ID 1 document root
p.addObject("<< /Type /Outlines\n/Count 0\n>>"); // ID 2 outlines
p.addObject("<< /Type /Pages\n/Kids [4 0 R]\n/Count 1\n>>"); // ID 3 pages layout
p.addObject("<< /Type /Page\n/Parent 3 0 R\n/MediaBox [0 0 612 792]\n/Contents 5 0 R\n/Resources << /ProcSet 6 0 R\n/Font << /F1 7 0 R >>\n>>\n>>"); // ID 4 page def.
p.addObject(PDFconstructor.asStream("150 250 m\n150 350 l\nS\n4 w\n[4 6] 0 d\n150 250 m\n400 250 l\nS\n[] 0 d\n1 w\n1.0 0.0 0.0 RG\n0.5 0.75 1.0 rg\n200 300 50 75 re\nB 0.5 0.1 0.2 RG\n0.7 g\n300 300 m\n300 400 400 400 400 300 c\nb\nBT\n/F1 24 Tf\n100 100 Td\n(Hello World) Tj\nET")); // ID 5 contents
p.addObject("[/PDF /Text]"); // ID 6 proc set
p.addObject("<< /Type /Font\n/Subtype /Type1\n/Name /F1\n/BaseFont /Helvetica\n/Encoding /MacRomanEncoding\n>>"); // ID 7 fonts

Constructor Summary
PDFconstructor( os, int pdfver)
          begin construction of a new PDF file.
Method Summary
 int addObject(java.lang.String s)
          add the specified object to the PDF file.
static java.lang.String asStream(java.lang.String s)
          constructs a string that can be passed to addObject(java.lang.String) that represents a (non-compressed) PDF stream.
 int end(int root)
          finish construction of the PDF file, add index/reference and trailer.
 void out(java.lang.String s)
          add specified string to the stream output.
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Constructor Detail


public PDFconstructor( os,
                      int pdfver)
begin construction of a new PDF file. Major PDF version will always be 1, minor version is supplied by the caller. The compilance of the PDF file is in the hands of the calling program since the storage format created by PDFconstructor(, int) is compatible from PDF 1.1 on, but the objects used may require higher PDF version. The creation is started immediately and PDF version string is sent to the output stream.

Important! PDF files use absolute indexing, therefore the output stream should have no preceeding or trailing contents, otherwise the resulting file will be invalid! In plain text the PrintStream should be created and immediately passed to PDFcreator. Upon finish PDFcreator automatically closes the stream. No other methods than those of the PDFconstructor should be used on the stream.

os - output stream
pdfver - minor version of the PDF format used (major version is always 1). For example pdfver=2 corresponds to PDF-1.2
Method Detail


public void out(java.lang.String s)
add specified string to the stream output. You should not call this method directly, since any contents added this way is not indexed and hence ignored by the PDF reader. (unless you really know what you're doing...)

s - string to be written to the stream


public int addObject(java.lang.String s)
add the specified object to the PDF file. Newline is added implicitely.

s - string containing the object to be added
ID of the object. All objects are numbered sequentially starting from 1, therefore the caller can rely on such ordering without the need to check this return value.


public static java.lang.String asStream(java.lang.String s)
constructs a string that can be passed to addObject(java.lang.String) that represents a (non-compressed) PDF stream.

s - string which will be encapsulated as the contants of the stream (such as graphics commands etc.) Trailing newline is added implicitely.
valid PDF object of the type stream


public int end(int root)
finish construction of the PDF file, add index/reference and trailer. The output stream is closed.

root - ID of the root object
size of the entire PDF file