Package org.rosuda.REngine

High level java interface to R


Interface Summary
REngineCallbacks REngineCallbacks is a virtual interface that poses as a superclass of all callback delegate classes.
REngineConsoleHistoryInterface interface defining delegate methods used by REngine to forward console history callbacks from R.
REngineInputInterface interface defining delegate methods used by REngine to forward input callbacks from R.
REngineOutputInterface interface defining delegate methods used by REngine to forward output callbacks from R.
REngineUIInterface interface defining delegate methods used by REngine to forward user interface callbacks from R.

Class Summary
REngine REngine is an abstract base class for all implementations of R engines.
REngineStdOutput implementation of the REngineOutputInterface which uses standard output.
REXP Basic class representing an object of any type in R.
REXPDouble REXPDouble represents a vector of double precision floating point values.
REXPEnvironment REXPEnvironment represents an environment in R.
REXPExpressionVector REXPExpressionVector represents a vector of expressions in R.
REXPFactor REXPFactor represents a factor in R.
REXPGenericVector REXPGenericVector represents a generic vector in R.
REXPInteger REXPDouble represents a vector of integer values.
REXPJavaReference REXPJavaReference is a reference to a Java object that has been resolved from is R wrapper.
REXPLanguage represents a language object in R
REXPList Represents a pairlist in R.
REXPLogical REXPLogical represents a vector of logical values (TRUE, FALSE or NA).
REXPNull represents a NULL object in R.
REXPRaw REXPRaw represents a raw vector in R - essentially a sequence of bytes.
REXPReference this class represents a reference (proxy) to an R object.
REXPS4 S4 REXP is a completely vanilla REXP
REXPString REXPString represents a character vector in R.
REXPSymbol REXPSymbol represents a symbol in R.
REXPUnknown REXPUnknown is a stand-in for an object that cannot be represented in the REngine hierarchy.
REXPVector abstract class representing all vectors in R
REXPWrapper Utility class to wrap an Object into a REXP object.
RFactor representation of a factor variable.
RList implementation of R-lists
All lists (dotted-pair lists, language lists, expressions and vectors) are regarded as named generic vectors.

Exception Summary
REngineEvalException Exception thrown when an error occurs during eval.
REngineException REngineException is a generic exception that can be thrown by methods invoked on an R engine.
REXPMismatchException This exception is thrown whenever the operation requested is not supported by the given R object type, e.g. using asStrings on an S4 object.

Package org.rosuda.REngine Description

High level java interface to R