Interface REngineInputInterface

public interface REngineInputInterface

interface defining delegate methods used by REngine to forward input callbacks from R.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String RReadConsole(REngine eng, java.lang.String prompt, int addToHistory)
          called when R enters the read stage of the event loop.

Method Detail


java.lang.String RReadConsole(REngine eng,
                              java.lang.String prompt,
                              int addToHistory)
called when R enters the read stage of the event loop.

Important: implementations should never use a direct return! That will cause a tigh-spinning event loop. Implementation must wait for input asynchronously (e.g., declare synchonized RReadConsole and use wait()) and return only when a complete line is available for processing.

eng - calling engine
prompt - prompt to display in the console
addToHistory - flag indicating whether the input is transient (false) or to be recorded in the command history (true).
string to be processed as console input