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NCStats Custom Installation

Note that NCStats now depends on R 3.0.0 or greater. If you are using less than R 3.0.0 then you will need to upgrade (see the r-project site).

NCStats depends on several R packages being installed on your system. As this package is not distributed from CRAN you must install these packages manually. A simple way to do this is to copy the code below (the source() command) and paste it into the R console. Note that if you have not previously identified a CRAN mirror then you will be prompted to do so. At times this prompt may be 'buried' under other open windows; thus, you should be on the lookout for this prompt (in Windows keep an eye on your taskbar).


You should get no errors following the previous code. However, you can type the following two lines of code into R to see if "things" are working properly.


Note About Using Macs

The NCStats package uses TCL/TK for some interactive plots. Some Mac users report problems with using TCL/TK. While I am not a Mac user, nor do I have access to a Mac to test these issues, I have had some students report success installing the tcltk universal build located here (direct link to the file). You may have to re-install the NCStats package using the source() line above after installing this file.