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The SVN repository for this project can be checked out using
svn co svn://svn.rforge.net/JGR/trunk JGR

To install the latest development snapshot of this package, use


To list branches use

svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/JGR/branches
and for tags use
svn ls svn://svn.rforge.net/JGR/tags

Most recent GIT commits

c52ddbb1| Markus Helbig | Sun Sep 30 10:32:23 2018 +0200
compatibility with JDK 1.9, therefore had to drop support for older versions
 M       build.gradle
 M       gradle.properties
 M       gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties
 M       jgr-java/src/main/java/org/rosuda/JGR/JGR.java
 M       jgr-r/src/main/JGR/NEWS
 M       jgr-r/src/main/raw/DESCRIPTION
 M       rJava

aa13b113| Markus Helbig | Thu Jul 12 07:02:46 2018 +0200
updated JGR() function with javaArgs and jgrArgs
 M       jgr-r/src/main/raw/R/JGR.R

dec4f7de| Markus Helbig | Thu Jul 12 06:56:14 2018 +0200
updated JGR() function with javaArgs and jgrArgs
 M       jgr-r/src/main/JGR/NEWS
 M       jgr-r/src/main/JGR/man/supplements.Rd

30379d73| Markus Helbig | Wed Jul 11 06:37:24 2018 +0200
prevent NullpointerExceptions when saving output
NEWS and version update
 M       gradle.properties
 M       jgr-java/src/main/java/org/rosuda/JGR/toolkit/ConsoleOutput.java
 M       jgr-r/src/main/JGR/NEWS

5ebf2916| Markus Helbig | Tue Jul 10 06:51:06 2018 +0200
tweaked clear workspace
 M       jgr-java/src/main/java/org/rosuda/JGR/JGRConsole.java