Fast, flexible and powerful server providing access to R from many languages and systems

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To install the CRAN version, use simply


For installation of the latest development version, use

install.packages("Rserve", repo="")

Please see the main Rserve website for documentation, examples and details. Additional information is also available on the Rserve Wiki.

Rserve supports native QAP1 protocol, HTTP and WebSockets. All protocols are also available over TLS/SSL. A reverse proxy is also included for mapping HTTP/WebSockets traffic to local unix sockets for security (unix only).

For building REST APIs based on Rserve see RestRserve, for web-scripting see FastRWeb, for interactive applications see RCloud and Rserve-js.

Note: Although it is possible to use Rserve on Windows, it is strongly discouraged (other than for toy/single-user applications), because the Windows operating system is severly limited and is not capable of using R in parallel (it lacks copy-on-write fork).