Package org.rosuda.JGR

Class Summary
JGR JGR, Java Gui for R JGR is just a new Gui for R , written in Java.
JGRConsole JGRConsole Console Frame, the main window of JGR.
JGRDataFileDialog Deprecated. use JGRDataFileOpenDialog
JGRDataFileOpenDialog Deprecated. use Data Loader RoSuDa 2003 - 2005
JGRDataFileSaveDialog JGRDataFileSaveDialog - implementation of a file-dialog which allows saving datasets by choosing several options.
JGRHelp JGRHelp - an implemenation of a simple htmlbrowser combined with r-help search engine.
JGRObjectManager JGRObjectManager (should better be named ObjectBrowser) - implemenation of a browser showing the R-workspace: Datasets, and other objects as a tree, models in a table for sorting and comparing them, functions as a list.
JGRPackageInstaller JGRPackageInstaller - implementation of a simple package installer widget.
JGRPackageManager JGRPackageManager - manage packages for current session as well as default packages
RController RController - implementations of an interface between JGR and Rengine, providing all needed functions for working with R.