chown {unixtools}R Documentation

Change the ownership of files or other file system objects.


chown attepts to change the user of group ownership of items specified by paths.


chown(paths, uid, gid = NA, follow.symlinks = TRUE)



a character vectors of paths to items (files, directories, ..) to change ownership of. path.expand is called implicitly before use.


string specifying a username or numeric scalar specifying the uid or NA if the owning user is not to be changed.


string specifying a groupname or numeric scalar specifying the gid or NA if the group is not to be changed. If uid is a username then gid can also be set to NULL in which case the gid is set to the primary group of the user.


if FALSE then only the ownership of the item specified by the path is changed. If TRUE and the target is a symlink then the ownership of the final target is changed, not the symlink itself.


Typically, regular users can only change gid and only to a group of which they are a member. Only the superuser (root) can change the owner uid.

Both uid and gid cannot be NA, that is currently treated as an error.


Logical vector of the same length as paths with TRUE for successful ownership change and FALSE if the action could not be performed on that item.


Simon Urbanek

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