test_pkg {testit}R Documentation

Run the tests of a package in its namespace


The main purpose of this function is to expose the namespace of a package when running tests, which allows one to use non-exported objects in the package without having to resort to the triple colon ::: trick.


test_pkg(package, dir = "testit")



the package name


the directory of the test files; by default, it is the directory ‘testit/’ under the current working directory


The tests are assumed to be under the ‘testit/’ directory by default, and this function also looks for the ‘tests/testit/’ directory under the package installation directory when the user-provided dir does not exist. The test scripts must be named of the form test-*.R; other R scripts will not be treated as test files (but may also be useful, e.g. you can source() them in tests).

For R CMD check, this means the test R scripts (‘test-*.R’ are under ‘pkg_root/tests/testit/’. The R scripts are executed with sys.source in the namespace of the package to be tested; when an R script is executed, the working directory is the same as the directory containing this script, and all existing objects in the test environment will be removed before the code is executed.


NULL. All test files are executed, unless an error occurs.


All test scripts (test-*.R) must be encoded in UTF-8 if they contain any multibyte characters.

See Also

The testthat package (much more sophisticated).


## Not run: 

## End(Not run)

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