osmap {snippets}R Documentation

Draw tiles from OpenStreetMap or any other compatible tile source.


osmap fetches and draws OpenStreetMap tiles (or any compatible tiles) in the current graphics device assuming latitude and longitude coordinates.


osmap(alpha = 1, zoom, area = par()$usr, tiles.url, cache.dir,
      tile.coord = FALSE)



in theory this is the desired opacity of the map but in practice the final plot is faded to white by this alpha value (1 = no fading, 0 = entriely white)


zoom level of the map to draw (optional). If missing the zoom level is determined automatically to cover the area with about five tiles in the horizontal direction


minimal area to cover - the required tiles are computed to cover at least this area


URL to the tiles server (excluding the zoom/x/y.png part). If missing, osm.tiles.url option is consulted and if also missing then an OSM tile server is used.


if set, the tiles are first looked up in this directory and the directory is used for caching downloaded tiles


if FALSE then the plot coordinates are assumed to be latitude and longitude - this is the default. Otherwise this must be an integer and it is assumed that the coordinates of the plot are tile coordinates at the specified tile.coord zoom level (this is useful for plotting data projected in the same Mercator projection as the tiles). Note taht zoom and tile.coord can be different zoom levels.


  # plot any lat/lon data - here just an area around the AT&T Labs
  plot(c(-74.44, -74.39), c(40.76, 40.79), type='n')
  # draw the map (needs internet connection to get the tiles)
  # to draw the world, use zoom level=0 as the base so that
  # the area is simply [0,1]
  plot(c(0,1), c(0,1), type='n')

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