server_config {servr}R Documentation

Server configurations


The server functions in this package are configured through this function.


server_config(dir = ".", host = "", port, browser, daemon, interval = 1, 
    baseurl = "", initpath = "")



the root directory to serve


A string that is a valid IPv4 address that is owned by this server, or "" to listen on all IP addresses.


the TCP port number; by default it is 4321 or a random port if 4321 is not available, unless a command line argument of the form -pNNNN (N is a digit from 0 to 9) was passed in when R was launched, in which case NNNN will be used as the port number


whether to launch the default web browser; by default, it is TRUE if the R session is interactive(), or when a command line argument -b was passed to R (see commandArgs()); N.B. the RStudio viewer is used as the web browser if available


whether to launch a daemonized server (the server does not block the current R session) or a blocking server; by default, it is the global option getOption('servr.daemon') (e.g., you can set options(servr.daemon = TRUE)); if this option was not set, daemon = TRUE if a command line argument -d was passed to R (through Rscript); normally it should be FALSE by default


the time interval used to check if an HTML page needs to be rebuilt (by default, it is checked every second); at the moment, the smallest possible interval is set to be 1, and this may change in the future


the base URL (the full URL will be http://host:port/baseurl)


the initial path in the URL (e.g. you can open a specific HTML file initially)


A list of configuration information of the form list(host, port, start_server = function(app) {}, ...).

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