make {servr}R Documentation

Serve files under a directory based on GNU Make


You can define how and when to rebuild files (such as R Markdown files) using Make rules, e.g. a rule _posts/ _source/%.Rmd with a command to build ‘.Rmd’ to ‘.md’ will be executed if and only if ‘foo.Rmd’ is newer than ‘’. The exit status of the command make -q will decide whether to rebuild files: rebuilding occurs only when the exit code is not 0. When an HTML file has been rebuilt, it will be automatically refreshed in the web browser.


make(dir = ".", ...)



The root directory to serve.


server configurations passed to server_config()


You must have installed GNU Make to use this function. This is normally not a problem for Linux and OS X users (it should be available by default). For Windows users, you can either install GNU Make, or just install Rtools, which also contains GNU Make.


# some built-in examples (if you are not familiar with make, you can take a look
# at the Makefile of each example)
servr::serve_example("make1", servr::make)
servr::serve_example("make2", servr::make)

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