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Projection of coordinates


Projection of lat/long coordinates or its inverse.


project(xy, proj, inverse = FALSE, degrees = TRUE, silent = FALSE,



input (list, matrix or 2d-array) - see details below.


projection definition


if TRUE inverse projection is performed (from a cartographic projection into lat/long), otherwise projects from lat/long into a cartographic projection.


if TRUE then the lat/long data is assumed to be in degrees, otherwise in radians


if set to TRUE, warnings will be suppressed


default ellipsoid that will be added if no datum or ellipsoid parameter is specified in proj. Older versions of PROJ.4 didn't require a datum (and used sphere by default), but 4.5.0 and higher always require a datum or an ellipsoid. Set to NA if no datum should be added to proj (e.g. if you specify an ellipsoid directly).


The input can be a list of two or more vectors (if the list contains more than two entries, only first two entries are used and a warning is issued), a two-dimensional matrix or array (the number of columns or rows must be exactly two) or a vector of the length 2. For a 2x2 input the columns are taken as x and y. If the input is a list then the result will be a list with the entries named x and y, otherwise the result is a matrix with two columns.

When the list form is used, inputs are recycled with a warning when necessary.

proj specifies the target (or source if inverse) projection. The format can be either a single (unnamed) string which contains all parameters: "+proj=lcc +lat_1=33 +lat_2=45 +lat_0=39 +lon_0=-96" or an unnamed vector of complete individual parameters: c("+proj=lcc","+lat_1=33","+lat_2=45","+lat_0=39","+lon_0=-96") or a named vector or list that will be composed into parameters: list(proj="lcc", lat_1=33, lat_2=45, lat_0=39, lon_0=-96)

A list of some commonly used projections can be found at

if degrees is TRUE then the latitude and longitude are expected to be in degrees, if FALSE then in radians.


A two column matrix or list of coordinates. If the input was a list then the output will be a list, otherwise a matrix.



## this is just very simple, because we don't want to depend on
## maps package, so we can't show more useful stuff..
s <- project(, "+proj=merc")
plot(s, type='n', asp=1)

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