knit_watch {knitr}R Documentation

Watch an input file continuously and knit it when it is updated


Check the modification time of an input file continously in an infinite loop. Whenever the time indicates the file has been modified, call a function to recompile the input file.


knit_watch(input, compile = knit, interval = 1, ...)



an input file path (or a character vector of mutiple paths of input files)


a function to compile the input file, e.g. it can be knit or knit2pdf depending on the input file and the output you want


a time interval to pause in each cycle of the infinite loop


other arguments to be passed to the compile function


This is actually a general function not necessarily restricted to applications in knitr. You may specify any compile function to process the input file. To stop the infinite loop, press the Escape key or Ctrl + C (depending on your editing environment and operating system).


# knit_watch('foo.Rnw', knit2pdf)

# knit_watch('foo.Rmd', rmarkdown::render)

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