MaquehueTemuco {hydroTSM}R Documentation

San Martino, ts of daily precipitation.


Daily time series of precipitation, maximum and minimun air temperature at station Maquehue Temuco Ad. (DMC_ID:380013), Araucania Region, Chile (Lat:-38.770, Lon:-72.637), with data from 01/Jan/1950 to 31/Dec/2015 (including some gaps).




zoo matrix with 3 columns:
-) pcp: daily precipitation, [mm/day].
-) tmx: daily maximum air temperature, [degree Celsius].
-) tmn: daily minimum air temperature, [degree Celsius].


Provided by Center for Climate and Resilience Research, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile (, last accessed [May 2017]).
These data are intended to be used for research purposes only, being distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

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