EbroPPtsMonthly {hydroTSM}R Documentation

Ebro Monthly Precipitation Time Series


Time series of monthly precipitation on 331 stations of the Ebro River basin (NW Spain), for the period January/1961 to December/1963.




A data.frame with 331 monthly time series, plus the first field storing the dates corresponding to each row.


Monthly time series of precipitation on 331 stations of the Ebro River basin (Spain), where some data were in-filled by using the MOSS method and from daily time series used in the technical report "Estudio de Recursos de la Cuenca del Ebro".


Downloaded from the web site of the Confederacion Hidrografica del Ebro (CHE) http://www.chebro.es/ (original link http://oph.chebro.es/DOCUMENTACION/PrecipitacionMensualRelleno/PrecipitacionMensualRelleno.html, last accessed [March 2010]).
These data are intended to be used for research purposes only, being distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

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