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This function plots the values of the objective function in a two dimensional box, where the boundaries of each parameter are used as axis limits


plot_2parOF(params, gofs,,, type="sp", MinMax=c("min","max"), 
  "GoF", main=paste(, "Surface"), GOFcuts, 
            colorRamp= colorRampPalette(c("darkred", "red", "orange", "yellow",
            "green", "darkgreen", "cyan")), points.cex=0.7, alpha=0.65, 
            axis.rot=c(0, 0), auto.key=TRUE, "right")



matrix or data.frame with the parameter values


numeric with the values of goodness-of-fit values for each one of the parameters in params (in the same order!)

character, name of the 1st parameter to be plotted

character, name of the 2nd parameter to be plotted


character, type of plot. Valid values are:
-) sp: spatial plot
-) scatter3d: 3d scatterogram


character, indicates whether the optimum value in gofs corresponds to the minimum or maximum of the objective function. Valid values are in: c('min', 'max').
By default, MinMax='min' which plot particles with lower goodness-of-fit values on top of those with larger values, in each one of the output figures

character, name of the objective function to be plotted. It has to correspond to the name of one column of params


character with the title for the plot


numeric, specifies at which values of the objective function given in gofs the colours of the plot have to change
If GOFcuts is missing, the interval for colours change are defined by the (unique values of the) five quantiles of gofs, computed by fivenum


R function defining the colour ramp to be used for colouring the pseudo-3D dotty plots of Parameter Values, OR character representing those colours


size of the points to be plotted


numeric between 0 and 1 representing the transparency level to apply to colorRamp, ‘0’ means fully transparent and ‘1’ means opaque


numeric vector of length 2 representing the angle (in degrees) by which the axis labels are to be rotated, left/bottom and right/top, respectively.


logical, indicates whether the legend has to be drawn or not

character, position of the legend with respect to the plot


Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini,

See Also

read_results, plot_results, plot_GofPerParticle, plot_ParamsPerIter

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