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R/Cassandra interface


This packages provides a direct interface (without the use of Java) to the most basic functionality of Apache Cassanda ditributed NoSQL database such as login, updates and queries. The focus is on effciency and speed.


RC.connect is used to connect to a Cassandra instance. The obtained handle is then used for all operations until RC.close is used to close the connection.

A set of RC.get functions can be used to query the database. Specialized high-level interface for fixed-column tables (not the most common in Cassandra, thgouh) is also available with RC.read.table.

Updates and inserts can be performed either individually using the RC.insert function or batch-mutations using RC.mutate.

Auxiliary functions retrieving meta-information from the database are described on the RC.version help page.

Currently, communication to Cassanra is performed directly on a blocking TCP/IP socket. This implies that transactions currently cannot be interrupted on the R side and there is no timeout. This may change in future versions. The code does not use R connections to avoid extra overhead.

Package: RCassandra
License: GPL-2
URL: http://www.rforge.net/RCassandra


RC.cluster.name         Functions retrieving meta-information from a
                        Cassandra connection
RC.connect              Connect, login, close connection to Cassandra
RC.get                  Functions for querying Cassandra database
RC.insert               Update function to insert data into Cassandra
RC.read.table           Read and write tables into column families in


Simon Urbanek <simon.urbanek@r-project.org>

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