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Documentation for package ‘DATRAS’ version 1.01

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DATRAS-package Read and convert raw data obtained from ICES
$.DATRASraw Internal DATRAS Functions
$<-.DATRASraw Internal DATRAS Functions
addExtraVariables Internal DATRAS Functions
addHaulID Internal DATRAS Functions
addNage Add numbers-at-age to a DATRASraw object.
addSpatialData Add spatial data from shapefile.
addSpectrum Internal DATRAS Functions
addWeightByHaul Calculate total biomass by haul and add to HH-records
AIC.ALKmodel Compute Akaike Information Criterion for an age-length key model.
anova.ALKmodel Compute approximate likelihood ratio test for the equality of two age-length keys. Convert DATRASraw to data.frame suitable for statistical analysis.
bayes Calculate conditional expectation of some function of length given age.
bubblePlot Plot bubbles on a map with area proportional to "response".
c.DATRASraw Combine multiple DATRASraw objects
checkSpectrum Internal DATRAS Functions
DATRAS Read and convert raw data obtained from ICES
DATRAS-internal Internal DATRAS Functions
downloadExchange Interface to DATRAS php download script
fitALK Fit a continuation-ratio logit model for age given length and possibly other covariates.
fitALKone Fit part of the continuation ratio model using GAMs (helper function)
fitvbg Fit von Bertalanffy growth model to age-length data.
fixMissingHaulIds Internal DATRAS Functions
getAccuracyCM Internal DATRAS Functions
icesSquare Longitude/Latitude to ICES square conversion.
icesSquare2coord ICES square to Longitude/Latitude conversion.
length.DATRASraw Internal DATRAS Functions
NageByHaul Calculate numbers-at-age for a particular haul.
plot.DATRASraw Plot map with haul positions.
plotALKfit plot fitted ALK for a given haul
plotALKraw Plot a raw ALK using the observed proportions in each age group.
plotVBG Cohort plot
points.DATRASraw Plot map with haul positions.
predict.ALKmodel Predict method for ALKmodel objects
print.DATRASraw Internal DATRAS Functions
rawALK Calculate empirical (raw) age length key.
readExchange Read exchange data into R.
readExchangeDir Read all exchange files in a folder.
readICES Internal DATRAS Functions
refactorHaulLevels Internal DATRAS Functions
reorderTimeLevels Internal DATRAS Functions
subset.DATRASraw Subsetting a DATRASraw object.
summary.DATRASraw Internal DATRAS Functions
tilePlot Add small plot on existing plot.
tryCatch.W.E Internal DATRAS Functions
weightAtAge Calculate weight by age group in the survey accounting for length-stratified subsampling of age.
xtraVars Internal DATRAS Functions
[.DATRASraw Sample unit subset.